edited by Naim Ateek, Cedar Duaybis and Marla Schrader

This volume contains papers given at a conference held in Jerusalem in 1996 under the auspices of Sabeel Liberation Theology Center. The conference theme was 'The Significance of Jerusalem for Christians and of Christians for Jerusalem'. Participants came from both Palestine and overseas to discuss this complex and urgent issue.

The aim was to raise the consciousness of the international community about Christian concerns for the future status of the Holy City. Furthermore, it sought, as recorded in this work, to foster relationships and to stand in solidarity with Palestinian Christians at this critical time.

The papers published here cover a wide range of pressing matters. As well as aspects of Christian spirituality and theologies of Jerusalem, the local Christian community's position is examined in terms of its Diaspora, demographic changes, heritage, and the allocation of land and environmental degradation. Not only is there emphasis on the complexity of the problem but this work also expresses a prophetic vision for a just and lasting peace in Palestine and Israel.


Ana Abraham, Kevork Hintilian, Ibtisam Mu'allem
Nazmi Al-Jubeh, Leonardo Hosh,
Aristarchos Peristeris
Naim Ateek, Ruth Hummel, Michael Prior
Lynda Brayer, Jad Isaac, Mitri Raheb
Elias Chacour, Samir Kafity, Michel Sabbah
Salpy Eskidjian, Geries Khoury, Bernard Sabella
John Esposito, Maroun Lahham, Donald Wagner
Munir Fasheh, Eileen Lindner, Peter Walker
Sami Geraisy, Camille Mansour, Antonie Wessels
Harry Hagopian, Johnny Mansour, Jean Zaru
Usama Halabi, Boulus Marcuzzo, Zoughbi Zoughbi
Atallah Hanna, Ibrahim Matar

216 x 138 mm, 280 pages approx., paperback
ISBN 1 901764 00 1

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