World Christianity

Politics, Theology, Dialogues

Edited by Anthony O’Mahony and Michael Kirwan


Christianity is the largest global religious tradition, embracing some two billion people—over a third of the world’s entire population. The studies included here offer a sympathetic, but not uncritical, appreciation of the diversity and vitality of Christianity around the world. Covering important contemporary themes, key pastors, thinkers and theologians engage with Christianity’s encounter with faith and responsibility, economics, politics, ethics, mission and women, spirituality and interreligious dialogue from a wide spectrum of different perspectives.

These reflections are followed by regional studies which not only show a shift in Christianity’s centre of gravity, from the West to the East and South, but also the vibrant nature of the encounter between Christianity and society, culture and other religious traditions. Christianity is looked at in various contexts—Latin America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East; which includes studies on Liberation Theology, Christology in Africa, Eastern Christianity, Christianity and Jerusalem and the encounter with Judaism and Islam.

The editors, Anthony O’Mahony and Michael Kirwan SJ, are members of the Faculty of Theology at Heythrop College , University of London .



Anna Abram

Francis, Cardinal Arinze

Basil Cousins

Catherine Cowley, ra

Bishop Kenneth Cragg

Peter Gallagher, SJ

Stanislaw Grodz, SVD

Michael Kirwan, SJ

Ian Linden

Alister McGrath

David Neuhaus, SJ

Anthony O’Mahony

Inger-Marie Okkenhaug

Peter Riddell

David Tombs

Judson Trapnell

Rocco Viviano, SX

John Watson


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ISBN 1 901764 38 9

January 2004


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