The Task and the Text
Kenneth Cragg

MUHAMMAD IN THE QUR’AN: The Task and the Text studies the significance of what is known to Muslims as Tanzil-the classic Islamic understanding of the Qur’an as divine revelation committing an eternal Scripture to the Prophet Muhammad, ‘at intervals’ over some twenty-three years of his adult life.

That faith view sets his personality and his biography at the nerve-centre of the whole so that the Qur’an’s sequences coincide with the events through which his mind and story passed between the ages of forty and sixty-three.

How did the text relate to the task, the task determine the text?

What does the intelligent reception of the Qur’an ask of readers now both within and beyond Islam?

Kenneth Cragg served as both scholar and bishop in the lands of the Middle East and also held academic posts in the UK, Lebanon, Nigeria and the USA.

He was the author of many studies in contemporary relations between the Semitic faiths. He was an Honorary Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford, and an Hon. D.D. of the University of Leeds and former Bye-Fellow of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge.

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