Saeed Alizadeh
Alireza Pahlavani
Ali Sadrnia

IRAN: A Chronological History is a convenient, accessible reference book that provides in chronological sequence a comprehensive overview of historical events and ideas through the millennia of Persian culture and civilization.

The book provides an annotated chronological listing of the most noteworthy and influential people, places and events of Persian cultural history in conjunction with some of those of the wider world.

It provides the reader with insight into the causes and effects of significant events and presents a clear picture of how certain occurrences paved the way for future developments.

The work also has a glossary, and appendices dealing with the main archaeological sites, major pre-historic events and the more significant dynasties of the region.

As qualified Iranian national guides, the authors have considerable practical experience lecturing on the history, art, architecture, religion and mythology of Iran. Their combined experience totals many years of work and their unique knowledge of their country gives them an especial insight into its historical and cultural traditions.

196 x 128mm, 272 pages, paperback
ISBN 964 06 1413 0

Iran-Histrory, Tehran, 2003

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