edited by Michael Prior and William Taylor

This book is concerned with the present welfare of Christians in the Holy Land who share, with Muslims and Jews alike, the Abrahamic tradition.

The topics discussed include a historical survey of church, state, Christian communities and the Holy Places, the tradition of pilgrimage, socio-economic and socio-demographic patterns, and justice and peace. The various major churches in the Holy Land and the perceptions, obligations and expectations of the community are examined.

It is hoped that the seminar, at which these papers were presented, would be an ecumenical experience that would find some practical expression in Jerusalem, where pressing matters might benefit from a joint approach or sponsorship by the churches, which need not infringe on the doctrinal or mutually recognised theological differences between them.


R Abu El-Assal
S J Munayer
A Aghazarian
M Nazir Ali
G Baramki
A O'Mahony
K Cragg
M Prior
S Geraisy
M Raheb
H Hagopian
B Sabella
A D Hanania
F al-Sarraf
J Kattan
J Sfeir,
M Lanham
H Wybrew
M Moxon
J Zaru

216 x 138mm, 254pp, paperback
ISBN 0 905035 32 1 (second impression)
World of Islam Festival Trust 1994
(also available in Arabic, £12.50)

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