A Dynamic Role in the Future
Edited by
Anthony O'Mahony and Ataullah Siddiqui

The Christian and Muslim communities combined represent a third of humanity and an understanding of their historical and theological relationship is of the utmost contemporary importance. The papers presented here stand as testament to the multiple dimensions of how the relations between Muslims and Christians operate today within the context of the Commonwealth. Individual papers deal with the situation in Australasia, Britain, India, Malaysia and Nigeria, whilst others try to grapple with the historical, political and theological dimensions of Muslim-Christian relations. However, what they have to say is relevant to other contexts as the engagement between these two Abrahamic traditions-Christianity and Islam-takes on a global reality. All the contributors give expression to this relationship in a number of committed essays which represent up-to-date scholarly analysis or expressions of a deep personal and spiritual reflection.

The Rt Revd and
Rt Hon Richard Chartres
HRH Prince El-Hassan
bin Talal of Jordan
Michael Taylor
Anthony O'Mahony
Ataullah Siddiqui
Phillip Lewis
Peter Riddell
Dato' Ismail
bin Haji Ibrahim
Anthony Johns
Matthew Hassan Kukah
Kenneth Cragg
Christopher Lamb
John Ovenden


216 x 138mm, 330 pages, paperback
ISBN 1 901435 08 3
November 2001
Altajir World of Islam Trust

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