essays for
Kenneth Cragg
edited by
David Thomas
with Clare Amos

A Faithful Presence celebrates the impact and very special contribution that Bishop Kenneth Cragg has made throughout his long life to the interpretation of Islam and to the religious landscape of the Middle East. It includes contributions by Sydney Griffith, David Kerr, Christopher Lamb, Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali and Jørgen Nielsen, as well as a wide range of other contributors, and marks the ninetieth birthday of a man who to so many, Christians, Muslims and others, has been an example, mentor and friend.
As Archbishop Rowan Williams comments in his greeting, Kenneth Cragg’s ‘theological engagement with other faiths, and notably Islam, is a tremendous asset at a time when … wisdom in this sensitive field is so urgently needed.’ A Faithful Presence is a fitting tribute to this great man of faith and quiet presence.

Clare Amos
Colin Chapman
Hassan B Dehqani-Tafti
Guli E Francis-Dehqani
Najwa Farah
Hugh Goddard
Sidney H Griffith
Clive Handford
Toby Howarth
Richard Jones
David Kerr
Christopher Lamb
Bârd Mæland
David Marshall
Michael Nazir-Ali
Jørgen S Nielsen
Kenneth E Nolin
Anthony O’Mahony
Douglas Pratt
Michael Prior
Michael T Shelley
Judith von Sicard
Sigvard von Sicard
Jan Slomp
Jane I Smith
Mark N Swanson
David Thomas
Christian W Troll
John Watson


ISBN 1 901764 25 7
216 x 138mm, 424 pages, hardback
March 2003

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