Faith and Reason in Theory and Practice

Edited by Anthony O’Mahony, Wulstan Peterburs and Mohammad Ali Shomal

For a number of years, a tradition of dialogue has been established between Ampleforth Abbey, the Heythrop Centre for Christianity and Inter-religious Dialogue, University of London, and the Imam Khomeini Education and Research Institute, Qum, Iran. This has resulted in a number of exchange visits between the institutes and, in 2003, led to the first of these Conferences. In 2005, the Conference at Heythrop and Ampleforth focused on Faith and Reason within the Catholic and Shi'a traditions, how these two major religious traditions and cultures resource these debates. This publication is a record of that Conference. It includes papers delivered by Catholic and Muslim experts enabling further analysis and reflection on the roles of faith and reason, authority and tradition and morality and praxis within Catholic and Shica thought and its influence on the daily lives of adherents.


Archbishop Michael L Fitzgerald
Ayatollah Mahmoud Mohammadi Araqi

Justo Lacunza Balda
Mohammad Fanaei Eshkevari
Leonard Harrow
Mohsen Javadi
Ghasem Kakaei
Reza Shah Kazemi
Bonaventure Knollys
Muhammad Legenhausen
Avril Makhlouf
Wulstan Peterburs
Gholamreza Raeseian
Patrick Riordan
Abbot Mark Serna
Abbas Ali Shameli
Mohammad Ali Shomali
Scott M Thomas
Andrew Unsworth
Abbot Timothy Wright

216 x 138, 314 pages, hardback
ISBN 978 1 901764 45 1 (13 digits)

November 2006

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