The Living Stones of the Holy Land Trust

A Living Stone
Selected Essays and Addresses
Michael Prior CM


Michael Prior
Ten Years On
Selected Essays and Addresses

both volumes edited with an introduction
Duncan Macpherson

Vincentian priest, biblical scholar and human rights activist Michael Prior was Head of Department of Theology and Religious Studies and Professor of Bible and Theology at St Mary’s University College, Twickenham.

He was co-founder and chair of The Living Stones of the Holy Land Trust.

These two commemorative volumes of essays and addresses by Michael Prior represent a comprehensive testimony to the immense contribution of a fearless and ‘passionate liberation theologian … who saw no conflict between scholarship and political commitment to the oppressed’ (Canon Paul Oestreicher).

He is the author of Jesus the Liberator: Nazareth Liberation Theology (1995), The Bible and Colonialism: A Moral Critique (1997) and Zionism and the State of Israel: A Moral Inquiry (1999). With Naim Ateek he edited Holy Land, Hollow Jubilee: God, Justice and the Palestinians (1999). Other books he edited include Western Scholarship and the History of Palestine (1998) and They Came and They Saw: Western Christian Experiences of the Holy Land (2000).

A Living Stone.
Selected Essays and Addresses

138 x 216mm, 308 pages, paperback
ISBN 978 0 9552088 4 3
£12.95 October 2014
First paperback edition

Remembering Michael Prior Ten Years On
138 x 216mm, 218 pages, paperback
ISBN 978 0 9552088 5 0
£12.95 October 2014

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Living Stones Yearbook

The Living Stones of the Holy Land Trust Yearbook has been produced since 2012. It present a range
of important articles providing a platform for informed debate and scholarship concerning the life
and times, historical and current, of the Christian communities in and around the Middle East.
Living Stones Yearbook is produced and distributed by Melisende UK Ltd.

Managing Editor:
Leonard Harrow

Mary Grey
Duncan Macpherson
Anthony O’Mahony
Colin South

Living Stones Yearbook 2012
The Current Situation of Christianity in the Middle East, especially Syria, after the Synod of the Middle East’s Final Declaration (September 2012) and the Papal Visit to Lebanon—Antoine Audo
The Synod for the Middle East: First Results and Future Possibilities—Frans Bouwen
Engaging ‘The Martyred Church’: The Chaldean Catholic Church, Assyrian Church of the East and the Holy See in Ecumenical Dialogue 1994‐2012 and the Influence of the Second Vatican Council—Kristian Girling
Anglicanism and Islam: the ecclesial‐turn in interfaith relations—Richard J Sudworth
Palestinian Christian Theology as a New and Contemporary Expression of Eastern Christian Thought—Leonard Marsh
Accepting the fact of death, we are freed to live more fully: A reflection on freedom and liberty in Israel and Palestine—Colin South
The Concept of Dhimma in Early Islam—C E Bosworth
The Influence of Latin‐Melkite Relations in the Land of Transjordan: From the Rebirth of the Latin Patriarchate to the Foundation of the Archdiocese of Petra and Philadelphia (1866‐1932)—Paolo Maggiolini

216 x 138mm, xiii + 199 pages, hardback, £15.00
ISBN 978 0 9552088 1 2

Living Stones Yearbook 2013
The Biblical Narrative: Canonical ‘Ancient Israel’—Michael Prior
Genocide, Ethnocide, and the situation of Middle East Christians today—Terry Tastard
Christianity and the Israeli‐Palestinian Conflict—Rosemary Radford Ruether
Health Care in the Ottoman Holy Land and Mount Lebanon prior to Western Protestant Medical Missionary Enterprise Ramsa—F Bisharah
Christian Syria—Ignace Dick
Can we re‐imagine Islam as solely with a Meccan identity, as set out in the writings of Kenneth Cragg?—David Derrick
Dialogue: What is the Point of It?—Hugh Boulter
Mary Kahil: A Life Given for Muslims—Sr Agnes Wilkins OSB
Shenouda III and the Coptic Orthodox Church in Modern Egypt: Some reflections—Anthony O’Mahony
Russian Orthodoxy and Islam—ethics and spirituality in education—Basil Cousins

216 x 138mm, xiii + 188 pages, paperback, £15.00
ISBN 978 0 9552088 2 9

Living Stones Yearbook 2014

Toledo Guidelines and the myth of the Andalusian caliphate—James C Conroy
Christology of the Armenian Church—Vrej Nerses Nersessian
Christianity in modern Turkey: an overview—Anthony O’Mahony
The ecumenical patriarchate of Constantinople and the Greek minority, in the context of Muslim‐Christian relations: contemporary challenges—Nikodemos Anagnostopoulo
The dhimmi : dhimmi and dhimmitude in the Ottoman empire—Robin Gibbons
The Chaldean Church in modern times—Suha Rassam
‘Pick up the pearls of knowledge and adorn ourselves with the jewelry of literature’: An analysis of three Arab women writers in al‐Nashra al‐Usbu‘iyya—Deanna Ferree Womack and Christine B Lindner
The development of the theology of Rowan Williams: The question of Christian‐Muslim relations—Philip Ind
The legacy of Charles de Foucauld—Ariana Patey

216 x 138mm, xx + 199 pages, paperback, £15.00
ISBN 978 0 9552088 3 6

Living Stones Yearbook 2015
Reclaiming Judaism from Zionism—Ilan Pappé
Michael Prior, the Professional and the Amateur: The Bible and Colonialism. A Moral Critique—
Michael Marten
Perfidious Albion: Britain’s broken promises and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict—Mary Grey
Zionism, Anti-Semitism and the Bible—Duncan Macpherson
Palestinian Liberation Theology—Naim Ateek
Being there/Being with: reflections on international accompaniment in Palestine—Alwyn Knight
A reflection: Armenians and other Christians at the end of the Ottoman Empire and 100 years later—Leonard Harrow
The Impact of the Genocide of 1915 on the Armenian Orthodox Apostolic Church—Nerses Vrej Nersessian
The Armenian Genocide Centennial: A Way Forward?—Harry Hagopian
Christian Encounters with Islam in history and modern times: some Theological Reflections—Ian Latham
To Defend the Faith? Themes and Concepts in the writings of Sayyid Qutb and Rowan Williams—Peter Colwell

216 x 138mm, xviii + 214 pages, paperback, £15.00
ISBN 978 0 9552088 6 7

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