Title Index

A Christian-Muslim Inter-Text Now

A Faithful Presence

A Policy of Hope

Am I Not Your Lord ?

Cairo to Kabul

Christianity in the Middle East


Dying Daily: Quotidian Living

Dying in the Land of Promise

East and West: A Central Asian Silver Hoard from the Parthian Era

Eastern Christianity

Felt Tents and Pavilions

Hagop Kapoudjian

Holy Land - Hollow Jubilee

Iran: A Chronological History

Islam Among the Spires

Jerusalem: What Makes for Peace

Life at the Crossroads

Living Stones Publications

Love in the Wrong Season

Mosque Sermons

Muhammad in the Qur'an

Palestinian Christians

Patterns of the Past, Prospects for the Future

Pilgrim Preache:r Palestine, Pilgrimage and Preaching

Rewarding Encounters

Richard Burton: The Indian Making of an Arabist

Speaking the Truth About Zionism and Israel


St Vincent De Paul


The Breaking of the Bread

The Catholic Church In The Contemporary Middle East

The Compass of The Globe

The Fables of Kalilah and Dimnah

The Iron in the Soul

The Life and Work of Johann Ludwig Schneller

The Order of the Wounded Hands

The Qur’an and the West

The Tragic In Islam

Third Millennium Guide to Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

They Came and They Saw

Trans Action In Biblical Society

Western Scholarship and the History of Palestine

World Christianity: Politics, Theology, Dialogues



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